Winery & Agia Lake

4 hours

The tour starts from your resort of stay

First stop: Manousakis winery
The first stop of our journey will be Manousakis winery where will be provided a wide range of wines to taste, more over you can sit among the beautiful olive trees and orange groves and take in the wild peacefulness of your surroundings.

Second stop: Agia Lake – ”Lake Cafe”
The second and last stop will be to ‘’Lake Café’’. An ideal place for all ages, while the adults relax to the spacious balcony with full view to the lake and tasting the delicious confectionery, the children have fun to the playground. You can also admire flora and fauna of the lake.
Total trip duration 4 hours
Extra cost paid the day of the trip direct to the winery
Terroir Tasting
Taste 5 of their wines accompanied by local rusks, olive oil and sea salt. €10 per prson
Premium Tasting
Taste 7 of their wines, including their most sought after labels, accompanied by local rusks, olive oil and sea salt. €15 per person

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The winery also privides cooking lessons. The lesson includes:
A tour of the winery, a presentation and explanation of the wine making process, a tasting of 5 different wines paired with local Cretan rusks, olive oil and sea salt and it doesn’t stop there! You’ll also get more wine to enjoy after your tasting, during your meal! Manousakis staff will teach you how to make some of all time favorites: Dako, Gemista, Dolmadakia as well as Giouvetsi. The meal enjoyed by the guest is pre-cooked so as to keep the duration of this tour at 4 hours. The cooking lesson starts at 11AM and must be booked at least 48 hours in advance. For ages 7 up to 18 years old: 30€ per minor / From 19 years old and over: 75€ per person

Private groups optionsCostOfferBook
1-4 passengers115€103.5€Book now
5-10 passengers150€135€Book now
11-19 passengers180€162€Book now
20-30 passengers235€211.5€Book now
31-50 passengers260€234€Book now

Excursion Terms

Private daily trips with versatile planning

(Different groups/prices depending on the number of passengers)

All the daily trips have standard prices included the vat, their valid is for pick-ups from Chania city center up to 10 km within the city perimeter zone. In case where your accommodation is located outside of the 10 km perimeter zone, then when you will fill in the reservation form, then automatically will be displayed our new offer for your excursion with the increased costs based on the new kilometer distance.

All groups concerns specific number of passengers. Every extra hour of delay of the predetermined time program has a different charge for each passenger group category. For example for the group category of 1-4 passengers: A trip that has designed to last 5 hours and by your decision in the end last one extra 1 hour then the final price will be the value of the trip + 30,00 euros. For the groups of 5-8 and 9-19 passengers every extra hour of delay will be charged with 40,00 euros per hour and final for the group of 20-50 passengers the charge is 55,00 euros per hour. If you wish to have guided tour by an escort it will be extra 55,00 € (The value of the trip + 55,00 €). Reservations are accepted no later than 2 days before the desired day trip.

The design of all private daily trips has been made by our company with out to commit our clients in terms of the starting time and the stops that we recommend for the trip destination that you will choose. Requested changes will be accepted as long as we are informed about it the day of the reservation. Last minute changes are not accepted.

The daily trip rates relates only to your transport, anything else such us official guides, escorts, entrance fees to museums, archaeological sites, boat tickets, meals, drinks etc.. are not included. (Αfter request we can undertake full package trips: Hotel accommodation, arrival – departure transfers, excursions, meals, entrance fees tickets, guiding, etc…) Choose the suitable group category according the number of passengers.


Cancellation which will be made from 10 days prior the day trip/transfer or last minute will subject to 100% cancellation fee of the total value. No refund.

Cancellation which will be made from the 11th day until the 21st day before the day trip/transfer will subject to 30% cancellation fee of the total value.

Cancellation which will be made from the 22nd day until the 30th day before the trip/transfer day will subject to 10% cancellation fee of the total value.

Cancellation which will be made from the 31st day and hence before the trip/transfer day will refund the full amount paid. The only charge that you will object is the bank detention taxes.


If your pick up point is out of the 10km perimeter zone but is on the way to your desired trip there is no extra charge. On the other hand if your pick up point is out of the perimeter zone and not on the way for the trip then when you will fill in the reservation form, automatically will be displayed our new offer for your excursion with the increased costs based on the new kilometer distance.

A private trip can be designed according to your preferences just for you, more over the pickup/drop-off point will be your resort of stay. On the other hand if you participate in a mix group the program is standard according to the company’s schedule and cannot be amended. For the participants of the mix groups the meetings points are specific. If your resort of stay is far from these specific meeting points the expenses for your transport in order to go from your accommodation to these meeting points (and vice versa) are not provided from our company.

If you choose a private trip there are plenty ways of payment, you can prepay online throughout our website, you can pay direct to the driver at the end of your trip with cash or alternately you can come to our office. If you prefer to participate in a mix group then the payment of your ticket can be made only online or alternately you come to our office. (Reservations are accepted no later than 2 days before the day trip).

Escort is the person who will be with you from the time boarding to the vehicle until the end of the trip to the drop-off point – your resort of stay. The escort doesn’t have the right to have entrance in museums or archaeological sites.

On the other hand an official guide is the person who has university certified education. Only the official certified guides are allowed to have entrance at any site no matter if it will be archaeological or not. Since the daily trip that you will choose includes museums etc…

No, if your resort of stay is not out of the 10 km perimeter zone of Chania city center, if don’t exceed predetermined time duration or if you don’t want an escort/official guide.

All the vehicles of our company have in the windscreen the logo our company (Edem Travel Agency) more over the escort/official guide/driver will be informed about your name.

Of course but having first discussed about it with us through email

When the number of passengers is up to 4 the trip is usually made by Mercedes taxi, for groups up to 19 passengers the trips are usually made by Mercedes Sprinter while for groups of 20 up to 50 passengers the trip is made by coach such us Mercedes, Setra, Neoplan etc.

Some excursions such us Samaria gorge, Balos Gramvousa cruise, Spinalonga, Botanical park and Agia Triada Monastery have specific pick-up time and you can not start your excursion at any time due to specific boat time departures, specific opening times to the museums, monasteries and etc..

If the day of the excursion the client doesn’t come to the meeting point at the pre-agreed meeting time,  the driver of our company is obligated to wait maximum 10 minutes, after that time the driver will depart and  No refund  will be given. In that case the company has no responsibility for carrying out the excursion.

Due to coronavirus you can request total refund up to 48 ours before your arrival to Crete, in order to refund your money we need: Bank Name, Swift Code, IBAN number, Account’s owner name & reservation voucher number.